Frameless Custom Glass Shower Doors

We have shower doors available to meet any budget or style desire, both in Frameless or Semi-Frameless. We offer ever-popular crystal clear glass, as well as myriad other glass style choices such as Rain, Starphire, Showerguard, Cast, Frosted, p-62, Nature, Grey, and Bronze. Samples are available to help you in the decision-making process.

Standard, default glass thickness for shower doors is ⅜”.  Certain situations call for ½” glass, such as when additional strength is required. This is important in the case of an oversized door, or one that hangs off of a fixed panel (sans header). Unsure which option is right for your project? Our sales team or engineers will notify you if ½” glass is called for. Or other safety requirements are needed.

Tip: for those who may be concerned about glass shower doors: Don’t be. We use tempered (safety) glass similar to that used for car windows. When you see the small logo stamp in the corner, you can rest easy!

Below, details about the installation process, and specific features and characteristics of each style. If you have any questions you can email or call us any time of day.


Frameless Shower Door

Our clients love a frameless look for their shower stall or bathtub doors. As can be seen in our photo gallery, we use small clips for all of our fixed panels, which are chosen to match the hardware color in your bathroom (i.e., brushed nickel, chrome, etc.), and give the shower a clean, modern look. We do, however, also install shower doors with "U-Channels" upon request, or as required.  

Most doors will have two hinges. The location of the door and hinges is dependent on the shower design, setup and tile job. We work with our clients to match their desires and expectations, taking aesthetics, safety, and budget into account.

Common door widths are 24", 26" and 28", with popular heights of 72”, 76”, and 78”, though we also offer custom sizes. Bigger doors are a trending look in today’s bathrooms, and in fact, a new hinge was recently developed to support doors up to 39” in width. We judiciously follow engineering safety protocols for weight and width.

The final touch involves sealing the shower door with a thin layer of mildew-resistant (MR) silicone. Useful tip: allow the silicone to cure (dry) for 48 hours before shower use.


With a unique headerless design, both pivot- and wall-mounted hinge give your shower a luxe, clean look and feel. 


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Single Door Shower

Frameless Single Glass Door for the walk-in shower.