Custom Mirrors

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of custom mirrors. Below we have a gallery of custom mirrors we have done in the past, along with some information on custom mirrors.

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We are able to work with all of our clients needs when it comes to customizing mirrors for specific setups. As you can see in our gallery, we have had some unique situations.

  • Standard mirror is 1/4" thick and we customize them ourselves.
  • We can make mirrors have a safety feature if needed. This keeps the mirror together if it breaks.
  • We also specialize in removing mirrors.
  • Two ways we hang mirrors;
  • 1. Two different types of specialized glue called mirror mastic. Each have unique characteristics and reasons why we use them. They are used on mirrors because it keeps the silver on the back of the mirror.
  • 2. Clips. If you want to keep your drywall in good condition then this is the way to go.
  • Majority of the time we use clear mirror, but we do have other special mirrors, like Antique mirror. 
  • We do cut outs to fit special shapes or outlets. This can be seen in the gallery.
  • We can put a frame around the mirror too.