Custom Mirrors


Top Pro Glass has been in the business of designing and installing glass and mirror products for many years. With complete dedication to our craft and customers, we have made custom mirrors with a wide variety of styles, designs, and sizes, and for various settings. We offer a range of custom mirrors with premium quality and focus on safety features to fit all your needs, whether it’s for residential or commercial settings. From crafting the design that you want from our collection to professionally installing it in your property through our team of experts, we make sure your satisfaction comes first.


Types of custom mirrors we offer


Whether you're looking for a classic mirror design for your bedroom or a functional full-length mirror for the gym, choose from our diverse collection of custom mirrors. Providing a solution for your every custom mirror need, we prioritize the safety and functionality of our mirrors without compromising on the style and design.

Here are some of the custom mirrors we offer for both residential and home mirrors and commercial mirrors:

  • Custom Wall Mirrors

  • Custom Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors

  • Bathroom Mirrors

  • Vanity Mirrors

  • Beveled Edge Mirrors

  • Closet Mirrors

  • LED Mirrors

  • Antique Mirrors.

Browse our gallery for our complete collection of custom mirrors by designs and styles.


Variety in design and style of our custom mirrors


Regardless of the type of custom mirror you’re looking for, our variety in styles and designs offers something for everyone. Work with any aesthetic and theme by adding our custom mirrors to your space.

Our vanity mirrors enhance the look of the room by adding a stylish and uplifting feel to it. They work with any interior of the room. Similarly, our bathroom mirrors accentuate the interior design of your bathroom. If you’re looking for custom gym and dance studio mirrors, we deliver by having large, full-length mirrors that not only add to the ambiance of the space but also allow you to see each detail

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for each custom mirror you order. Oval and circular mirror designs give your space an illusion of depth and are particularly great for long and narrow hallways. While square and rectangular mirrors give a polished and elegant look that draws attention. Sizes depend on your space layout and theme – we cater to all size requirements.


We customize and install the mirrors for you


Regardless of the setup you have, we customize your mirrors by:

  • Size and shape

  • Design and style

  • Frames and finish

  • Theme of your space.

Our standard mirrors are 1/4" in thickness, which we customize to fit your requirements. If you need a safety feature to prevent the mirror from shattering when it breaks, we make it possible. We also offer a variety of cutouts and angles like beveled edge mirrors.

Our team of experts professionally installs your custom mirrors while prioritizing safety and functionality. Our installation is done in one of the two ways:

  • With a specialized glue, mirror mastic – keeps the silver on the back.

  • With clips – keeps the drywall in good condition.

Our team decides the best option according to your space and layout. We also specialize in removing mirrors.

To have a look at our custom mirrors and have them professionally installed, come visit us!

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